Monday, February 17, 2014

Good bye Zoneas.. :(


Hey Zoneas, 

Today is probably your last day. Yes, i'm gonna kill hide you. I had many expectations and plans when i created you. And you were not able to satisfy me. You lived your own life and taught me a bunch of lessons i'll never forget. Now i feel my head free. Let me enjoy a little without forgetting the lessons you've taught. I'll take you back when i think i'm able to master you. Thanks for everything.

With love,
Your Creator

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Does refreshing windows desktop really do something?

Refresh Windows Menu
After switching on the computer, most of us refresh the windows desktop a thousand times. Of course, i too did earlier. Does it really help you to speed up your computer? Or does it clears some memory? The answer is No!

Refreshing windows desktop only helps to repaint the icons in the desktop and nothing else! You could use this option to realign the desktop icons. If you've just created, modified or deleted a file from any other software and it doesn't reflect in the desktop. But almost all time, windows automatically updates the changes, and you do not need to refresh. 

And then why do some people always refreshes their desktop? I donno..!! May be it makes them feel happy, or they believe that refreshing their desktop really speeds up their computer. Or they can understand how responsive their computer is, by seeing the speed of repainting the desktop. Who knows!! If you too is a person with refreshing madness: "buddy.. please stop it, or send a request to microsoft to make the refresh button really do something to speed up your PC".

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Journal entries of telephone bill payment

Here is how i managed to record my telephone bill payments using Journal entries. I've used cash basis here (and not accrual).

  • When i receive the telephone bill of $x (and haven't payed it)
    • Telephone Expense: $x debit
    • Telephone Expense Payable : $x credit
  • And when i actually pay it
    • Telephone Expense Payable : $x debit
    • Cash : $x credit
So I can always check the Payable account to see how much amount is remaining to be payed. 

Norton really sucks!!

I was always a fan of Avast! Free Antivirus and never wanted to pay for an antivirus. Recently i decided to use a trial version of Avast Internet Security, and after a month i switched to AVG Internet Security Trial, Again the next month i Switched to Norton Internet Security. 

Both Avast and AVG worked good, never allowed an infected pen drive to boom my computer. But Norton's story was different. When i plugged in a pendrive full of viruses (im sure those are viruses), Norton found none of it. So i uninstalled Norton and reinstalled Avast, and scanned again; In no time, avast removed all those viruses! But norton was good at finding which program uses more memory, more harddisk etc. They could have named it Norton System Optimization Tool.. :D :D

Monday, October 21, 2013

I always try to keep soul and software perfect

Soul is the software of a living being and Software is the soul of computer. Keeping those perfect is of much importance than keeping physical body and computer hardware perfect. A buggy soul and a buggy software both can get you in trouble. This is from the view of my mind's eye, whatever you think, i firmly believe in it.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Download Link to Download Google Chrome 29 Full Standalone Offline Installer

Google has recently released Chrome 29. You may download an installer from google's official site, but what if you need an offline installer? I'll provide you one for downloading chrome 29.0.1547.57. 

This is the link:

Alternatively you may download it from

or just simply directly download

Happy surfing to all google chrome fans!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Will Programming cause addiction?

Will Programming cause addiction?

In my opinion, the answer is yes. And when i googled about it, i found it was really correct. The way a programming addict use computers in general seems to massively increase the focus on brain activity and diminish body awareness. It can cause loss of appetite, loss of sleepiness, loss of sense of time (really true in my case!).
When thinking about the positive side, many great programmers became 'great' because of the fact that they were addicted to programming. 
When i took a test at funquizcards i got the result :
"Whoa! You are addicted to programming. And you seem to be proud of the fact." 

and i know, it is like that..

Few advantages and disadvantages i've figured out:

- You can build cool things.
- It's both scientific and creative.
- If you are so good at it, it'll pay for you.
- If you have the sort of mindset that you need – it can be both natural and enjoyable .
- It is really really challenging, in case of large softwares.
- If your course or job is related to programming, you'll really enjoy it.
- You may become a great programmer.. who knows..

- Sometimes you sit for long hours, but build nothing (really.. but sometimes atleast in my case).
- Can be bad for your back/neck/eyes/hands to use a computer all the time.
- You'll never be 'free of all works'. (When one finishes, the next idea comes to mind).
- You'll be poor in social activities, family related matters and so on..(for a really addictive one)